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Sofrecom's Anti-Corruption policy promoted by Ethic Intelligence

Sofrecom's Anti-Corruption policy promoted by Ethic Intelligence

By Sylvie Lorrain - April 08, 2014

  • Why is it important to communicate on your anti-corruption program?

At Sofrecom we are conscious of our exposure to corruption risks in the areas where we work and we are committed to respecting international guidelines and regulations. We have made our commitment to anti-corruption compliance a priority since 2008.

Sofrecom has implemented enhanced anti-corruption procedures in order to guide our managers and partners and to give them the tools needed to make the right choices and ensure that our business is conducted with integrity.

In 2010 and 2012 Sofrecom was awarded the Ethic Intelligence Anti-corruption Compliance System certificate which attests Sofrecom’s respect for and adherence to international standards and best practices. The award of this certificate was not only an opportunity for us to communicate internally but also externally to our current and prospective clients and partners on our commitment to ethical business practices and anti-corruption regulations.

Over the past few years we have positioned this commitment to fight corruption at the very center of our communications strategy. We strive to demonstrate in a very transparent manner our values and our determination to protect employees, clients, partners and stakeholders through the adoption of ethical business practices.

  • How do you communicate internally and externally?

Our ambitious communications strategy structured around anti-corruption is supported by proactive management support in France as well as in our eleven international offices. The message is delivered to every member of the Sofrecom Group through information campaigns and exercises designed to make staff more aware of the challenges associated with compliance and the potential risks with which they might be confronted. The message is regularly reiterated at the highest level of the company through our CEO, Jacques Moulin.

Externally our commitment to combat corruption is highlighted through various channels including our website which gives open access to the Sofrecom Charter of Ethics. We also seize opportunities to speak on the subject at relevant industry events where we can share our experiences as a responsible company.

In addition, Sofrecom’s determination to conduct business ethically is clearly explained to clients at sales meetings and it is integrated in all our partnerships. Sofrecom is particularly vigilant in its due diligence and vetting of partners. This process is controlled by the Partnerships and Institutional Relations Department at headquarters and is fully communicated to all Sofrecom’s partners.

  • But what are the daily benefits of this policy?

Communication about our anti-corruption commitment at every level is for us a real distinguishing asset and is the only way to guarantee a sustainable business. It is a veritable strength and protection for our sales team which is fully convinced that it is possible to engage in ethical business practices around the globe successfully and profitably!