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2013 satisfaction survey: Sofrecom praised by its customers

2013 satisfaction survey: Sofrecom praised by its customers

For several years we have pursued a continuous improvement program resolutely focused on customers satisfaction. To assess the results of our efforts, a new satisfaction survey was conducted at the end of 2013.

A specialist firm carried out the survey involving a representative panel of customers from November 2013 to January 2014. This feedback has been closely examined in order to better understand customer aspirations and to respect our commitments by further improving our services and offers.

Our unchanging goal is to support our customers' projects ever more efficiently.

ResultsThe results of the survey reveal a further improvement of satisfaction with our level of service. The people contacted underline Sofrecom's strong points and globally consider us to be flexible, reactive and attentive to their needs. The survey also confirms the advantages of our close proximity with customers and our prodigious telecoms expertise. Customers see Sofrecom as a flexible, reactive partner having in-depth understanding of their local ecosystems, contexts and needs.

The efforts we made in previous year to work more closely with customers, supplying expertise well matched to local market needs, notably include a complete revamping of our portfolio of offers, which was praised in the survey. Our new offers are based on novel and transversal approaches to key issues such as "customer experience management" and "how to serve B2B customers efficiently"; we will be releasing more information about these soon.

To reinforce our quality approach, one ambition in 2014 is to commit ourselves to be available to customers locally over the long term, bringing them all the benefits of an international network of experts. Our certifications are a further guarantee of quality on which our customers can count.

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