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Adrián Hettema

CEO Sofrecom Argentina

About Sofrecom Argentina

Created in August 1992, Sofrecom Argentina proposes innovative high-tech solutions for the telecoms, IT, banking, insurance and automobile industries. 

Specializing in the design and deployment of solutions for large and mid-size Argentinean companies, Sofrecom Argentina has the resources needed to manage very large, complex projects in a wide range of business sectors. The South American customers of Sofrecom Argentina and Sofrecom Group are served by 700 consultants and experts providing strategic consultancy, marketing, network engineering and IT services.

Sofrecom Argentina earned ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and it is certified CMMI – DEV V1.3 Level 5 since November 2011.

In order create extra value for its customers, it has made strategic partnerships with Ciena, Juniper, Microsoft, and QlickView.


Sofrecom Argentina

Reconquista 609
C1003ABM Buenos Aires


(5411) 4515 90 00 (5411) 4311 3607

Mónica Biman | Human Resources Department

(5411) 45 15 90 00

Adrian Hettema | Commercial Department

(5411) 45 15 90 00

Alejandro García | ASM (Area Sales Manager)

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About Adrián Hettema

Adrián Hettema joined Sofrecom Argentina in its early days. Since 1993, he has held a number of high-responsibility positions, including Administration and Finance Manager and Human Resources Manager, before becoming CEO in 2006. Adrián Hettéma a rejoint Sofrecom Argentina à ses débuts en 1993. Il y a occupé différents postes à responsabilité –directeur administratif et financier, directeur des ressources humaines…– avant d’en prendre la direction en 2006.
Depuis, il contribue activement au développement de la filiale, au rayonnement de ses solutions technologiques innovantes pour les secteurs de l’informatique et des télécommunications et à la qualité de ses services.

He drives the growth and quality of service of this subsidiary which sells innovative high-tech telecoms and IT solutions. Sofrecom Argentina, which has served Latin American clients for over 20 years, earned CMMI – DEV V1.3 Level 5 accreditation in November 2011.

Since October 2007, Adrián is also Vice President of the CESSI, Argentina's Software and IT Services Companies Chamber.

Before joining Sofrecom Argentina, Adrián held several senior posts in administration services, human resources and finance with companies such as Kodak, Lanart…

Sofrecom Argentina, présente depuis plus de 20 ans auprès des différents acteurs du marché Latino-Américain, a obtenu l’accréditation CMMI – DEV V1.3 Niveau 5 en novembre 2011.

Depuis octobre 2007, Adrián Hettéma est également Vice-Président du CESSI (institution dédiée aux professionnels des SSII en Argentine).
Avant de rejoindre Sofrecom Argentina, Adrián Hettema a exercé des fonctions à responsabilité dans les services administratifs, les ressources humaines et les finances au sein des sociétés Kodak, Lanart...