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Citrix Systems expands its portfolio of cloud-based services

Citrix Systems expands its portfolio of cloud-based services

Par admin - le 09 novembre 2011

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Following the appointment of Carlos Sartorius in September 2011 at the head of Citrix EMEA to accelerate growth in sales, the American server virtualisation and cloud specialist has announced the forthcoming release of French and German versions of GoToManage. This solution can be used to manage servers and computers remotely. Meanwhile, the SaaS videoconferencing solution GoToMeeting is now available in Italian and Spanish.

At the same time, Citrix is expanding its cloud portfolio with:

- The release of CloudPortal: designed for public and private cloud providers, this product line features account management, customer support, service provisioning and billing for cloud services; CloudPortal also includes pre-configured versions for IaaS, SaaS, DaaS and WaaS (Infrastructure, Software, Desktop and Windows as a Service) service vendors;

- The release of CloudStack 3 by the end of 2011: fruit of the takeover of in July 2011, this virtualisation platform, equipped with multiple hypervisors, is used to design and manage IaaS offers, like Amazon EC2;

- Updated version of CloudGateway: this portal aggregates, controls and provides access to business applications (Windows, Web, SaaS and mobile) to any user on any device (computer or mobile terminal), by means of a unique identification. ID. CloudGateway provides companies with a unified dashboard for SLA monitoring and application licence management.

CloudGateway will be available in the next three months; the Express version will be free of charge to customers using XenDesktop or XenAp.

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