ExpertiseOur expertises

We know how to combine the wide range of expertise in our teams to meet our clients’ greatest challenges and needs.

Our approach is global. Our end-to-end support methodology enables us to provide genuine professional expertise that draws upon the unique know-how of our teams, a global network of partners and Orange Group innovations.

Strategy & Marketing

In an uncertain economic environment where major changes are impacting the world of telecommunications, analysing trends, understanding innovations and anticipating customer expectations are essential to making your strategic decisions and increasing your revenue.


We help you to position your products or services, to define your B2B or B2C strategy, and to translate it into operational plans.

Studies & Monitoring

We help our clients to understand the needs and behaviours of their target markets by undertaking a valuable market segmentation process based on the results produced using the following approach:

  • Obtaining a 360° vision of developments in the market
  • Understanding changes to adapt strategies
  • Measuring business potential in the medium and long term
Strategy & Development

Our teams assess the potential of the analysed market through the lens of specific growth drivers (mobile financial services, B2B activities, or launch of an MVNO, etc.), to identify business opportunities and translate them into areas for development:

  • Defining and implementing a strategic plan
  • Identifying growth drivers and new services
  • Supporting mergers/acquisitions – due diligence
  • Supporting the sourcing of external financing
Strategy & Marketing

We help our clients to align their marketing strategy with their business objectives, to ensure that they get the best returns on their investments:

  • Analysing and ascertaining the size of the market
  • Benchmarking competitors
  • Analysing the regulatory framework
  • Defining the best strategic positioning
  • Developing the business plan

We help our clients to leverage industry innovations in order to continuously improve their products and create a differentiated value proposition. We help them to identify strategic and operational improvements and find bespoke, targeted solutions to optimise their sales operations:

  • Defining and managing the product and service roadmap
  • Defining and implementing a distribution model (distribution channels, partnerships)
  • Measuring performance (KPIs)
Digital innovation

We work with our clients to develop and create opportunities for positive connections and interactions with their customers to gain trust and recommendations:

  • Digital market maturity assessment
  • Developing and implementing a digital strategy
  • Increasing web traffic and optimising SEO
  • Designing, optimising and implementing a digital customer relationship
  • Developing and launching digital services
  • Improving the digital customer journey with Design Thinking methodology

Network & IT Transformation

Network and information system (IT) developments are guided by the company’s strategic objectives. Information Technology and Network (ITN) infrastructures are value drivers and promote agility and performance.



Sofrecom helps its customers to develop a network and/or IS transformation strategy in accordance with their business aims. We therefore cover all stages of a network or IS transformation project, from the design of a strategy to deployment and operation:


Definition of the target (network and/or IS) transformation to be carried out
  • Analysing the existing system and identifying any changes
  • Developing the transformation roadmap
  • Evaluating the means of implementation
Supplier management and negotiation support
  • Ascertaining business and technical needs
  • Writing and publishing RFPs
  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers
  • Supporting negotiations
Network design and deployment

Our expert consultants operate worldwide on projects to migrate clients to the next-generation Very High Broadband networks (4G/5G, LTE, Fiber Backbone, FTTx, etc.).

  • Designing networks and architecture
  • Optimising processes and infrastructure
  • Advising on investments
  • Delivering quality FTTH studies to safeguard the planning and costs of your deployments
  • Organising convergence between fixed, mobile and internet networks and supervising the associated operations
  • Measuring quality of service to proactively identify and solve the cause of service quality incidents
IS design and modelling

Through the application of proven methodology and the use of the right tools, we support our clients at every stage of development, operation and optimisation of their information systems. Our scope of action covers:

  • Rethinking the IT operations and implementing an efficient application portfolio in terms of the costs that support innovation
  • Applying the main IT and telecoms standards (TM Forum, TOGAF, ITiL, Cobit) based on the best practices of Orange and the operators we work with
  • Creating a master plan
  • Acting on operational performance: from selecting the best supplier to monitoring integration and implementation
Governance of transformation and deployment
  • Managing the project
  • Identifying risks and managing action plans
  • Coordinating and organising project committees

Development & Services integration

Information technologies help companies transform and grow.

Sofrecom addresses ITN challenges strategically, taking into account the unique characteristics of each of its clients and considering the environment in which they are growing.



Our experts provide an independent and objective perspective to help companies harness the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets. We have numerous skills to offer in the field of information technologies, including:


Suggesting the most suitable solution
  • Developing specific Sofrecom solutions (OSS/BSS, distribution, etc.)
  • Implementing a market solution thanks to our partners (Actility, Opencell, Pega, etc.)
Providing support for the deployment of IT tools and methods
  • Providing training on the use of IT tools and methods
  • Implementing methodologies for launching projects (Agile, V-Model, DEVOPS, etc.)
Supporting the operator’s business activities
  • Providing corrective/upgrade maintenance
  • Implementing Third-party Application Maintenance (TPAM)
  • Outsourcing
Service/Outsourcing Centres

We support you in the development of outsourcing and relocation strategies.

We have the capacity to:

  • take charge of the entire establishment process for our clients’ business activities: finding a site, formalities, logistics and recruitment.
  • offer two models of commitment: commitment of resources and commitment to results.


Our four multilingual development centres, in Morocco (Rabat and Casablanca), Tunisia (Tunis) and Argentina (Buenos Aires), have obtained several industry awards and certifications.

Change & People

Transformations in the various sectors require major changes. Anticipation and innovation are the keys to success, and team engagement is an obvious condition of this success.


Sofrecom helps its clients to improve their organisation and make their companies more pleasant places to work. We facilitate change with an approach based on co-construction with the aim of championing individual initiative, collective intelligence, motivation and adaptability.

Our scope of action covers the following needs:


Diagnostics & Auditing

We run diagnostics to identify bottlenecks in decision-making and to understand their causes:

  • Running diagnostics to identify improvements
  • Making recommendations
  • Identifying critical issues
Organisation transformation and adaptation

We help our clients to build organisations that create value and simplify decision-making by working with them to define the stages of their global transformation:

  • Building your vision in your specific environment
  • Designing a customer-oriented organisation
  • Defining, monitoring and facilitating transformation plans: organisation, performance, innovation and products
Change Management & Capacity Building

Organisational changes are often a source of tension. We work with our clients to create agile, bespoke management practices. We help them to respond to the expectations and fears of their employees.

Our approach is based on our field experience and the elements that create lasting change:

  • Conceptualising and setting up a corporate university
  • Co-constructing skills with those in HR and business operations roles
  • Creating your leadership model and management charter aligned with the company’s vision and strategy
  • Developing training pathways
  • Identifying operational and managerial gateways to improving your performance.


Our approach, which focuses on people, encourages employee involvement so that everyone can become an agent of change in an agile organisational system.

Our approach is shoulder-to-shoulder; a specific development plan is defined for each level of management or expertise, and at each phase: to improve your skills, increase your motivation and commitment, succeed in your transformation and build your future.