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Boost innovation within my organization

Exploit all you internal and external assets to drive innovation and address tomorrow's challenges.

Create the right conditions for digital performance

Transform your enterprise

Evolutions of the telecoms sector impose major changes, and you are wondering about the best way to adapt your businesses, offers, CRM, organization and conquest strategy. To allow you to seize new opportunities, your transformations must be built on innovative technologies.
We share with you Orange Group's good practices and our experience with more than 200 customers worldwide to ensure a transformation process that is efficacious and durable.

Involve your personnel fully
in your digital transformation

In this digital age, the human is more than ever the key to your ambitions. To ensure that the digital revolution benefits everyone ─ managers and employees ─ we

develop with you a management mode that frees up the creativity of employees and encourages initiative.

We help you create the conditions that enable collective intelligence to drive innovation.

Accelerate and systematize
your open innovation approach

You need a digital plan not only for your internal transformation but to adapt to a world becoming ubiquitously digital. This requires an ecosystem of external partners. We help you leverage and accelerate your innovation capabilities by exploiting your APIs to develop services that are simple and intuitive and meet users' real-time information and experience needs.

Our offers

  • Business transformation

    Business Transformation

    Telcos are obliged to undertake major transformations in response to rapid changes in the telecommunications market. New entrants are upsetting the global ecosystem, consumer usages are changing and expectations are rising. The challenge of adapting your strategy, organization and processes is further complicated by breakthrough technologies and ever more stringent regulations.

    Your challenges

    Anticipation and innovation are the keys to your success, and the total commitment of your personnel is indispensable. Do your strategy and organization enable you to address the challenges imposed by market mutations? How can you find and implement levers of durable performance?

    Our approach

    We are convinced that a collaborative approach is best. We define with you all the stages of your global transformation: organization, innovation, performance enhancement, infrastructure upgrades, and new offers to meet the requirements of your market. We share with you Orange Group's good practices and our experience with many operators in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    With Sofrecom's Business Transformation offer you can be confident that your transformation will be durable, relevant and best for your business.

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  • Change management

    Change Management

    All businesses large and small are impacted by the rapid and complex evolution of the telecoms ecosystem and by the explosion of "digital". Their fundamentals must be reviewed: business model, hierarchy, management, organization, working modes, and so on. They must follow market movements or die.

    Your challenges

    Your ability to react and constantly adapt to a mutating ecosystem requires agile operation. But what conditions are necessary to spur individual initiative and encourage innovation?

    Our approach

    We support your changes through a joint-construction approach whose goal is to free up individual initiative, collective intelligence, motivation and adaptability, for these are the keys to successful progress. Our "Change Management & Capacity Building" approach focuses on people and creates an agile organization in which all personnel are encouraged to become participants in change.

    Sofrecom's Change Management & Capacity Building global solution places your employees at the heart of your transformation to assure durable performance.

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