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Stay ahead of my competitors

Impress your customers: adopt a tailor-made digital strategy to deliver breakthrough services and ensure a unique relationship.

Digital innovation as a growth driver

Digitize your services portfolio

In a challenging economic context, we help you identify promising growth paths in your markets:
- m-services: innovative applications to spur usage and boost ARPU;
- m-banking: a lucrative market that can generate new revenues and customer stickiness;
- content everywhere: a multi-screen content strategy to bring users a seamless experience.

Digitize your customer relationship

The customer relationship is built at multiple touch points (e-commerce, e-care).
We help you define then build a seamless customer relationship across all your traditional and digital channels.
You can promise customers a fluid, fast and efficacious experience.

Develop new activities

Digitization enables you to capitalize on your assets and diversify your portfolio to address the new digital challenges faced by governments, energy suppliers and MVNOs.

Consolidate your business perimeter

Digital is changing the roles of market players and the rules of the game.
Strengthen your market position and boost your profitability by investing in new activities. Seize external growth opportunities (acquisitions, mergers) induced by the acceleration of digital.

Our offers

  • Digital Services

    Digital Services

    In saturated markets it is difficult to recruit new subscribers. Operators face the dual challenge of maintaining their legacy voice revenues while developing growth activities on new segments such as B2B or on new kinds of service. Today digital innovation has become the prime lever for growth.

    Your challenges

    Your services portfolio must be digitized to stay ahead of the competition. But which conquest strategy is best? And which services should be promoted?

    Our approach

    We can help you define and implement a customized digital strategy to ensure a truly unique customer experience and propose compelling new services. We identify new promising commercial growth paths. We can design, launch and optimize new services such as compelling, mobile apps to boost increase usage and ARPU, or connect objects used daily, or mobile payment services to generate new revenues and build consumer loyalty, or services to seamlessly deliver content to any device.

    Choose Sofrecom's Digital Services Strategy, Mobile Financial Services, Content Everywhere, Internet of Everything, M-applications offers to build tomorrow's value-added services.

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  • Digital Customer Management

    Digital Customer Management

    In our hyper-connected world, consumers expect a special relationship, immediate and personalized, with their telecom operator. The digitized customer relationship is now essential to complement more traditional touch points (in-store, telephone, etc.).

    Your challenges

    To ensure an enchanting customer experience, you must invent a strategy for the digital customer, proposing the right information to the right person at the right time via the best channel and on any device. But which personalized paths should you offer, and with which digital tools? And how do you optimize costs and measure the effectiveness of your customer relationship?

    Our approach

    We can support you throughout the design of your digital customer relationship, from the choice of strategy to its implementation and daily optimization. Our objective is simple: ensure the very best multichannel experience at every touch point with your customers. Our vast expertise ranges from the definition of digital customer paths to the creation of online e-commerce portals and the design and development of mobile customer care apps.

    Sofrecom's Digital Sales and Digital Care offers guarantee a seamless customer relationship across all traditional or digital channels.

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  • Digital opportunities

    Digital opportunities

    Improving the quality of life, developing economic attractiveness, optimizing energy and transportation networks… digital technologies provide credible responses to new municipal and national challenges. Operators are seizing emerging digital services as business opportunities.

    Your challenges

    Capitalize on your assets to diversify your portfolio of offers and address the new challenges of the digital revolution that is impacting governments, energy suppliers and MVNOs.

    Our approach

    We provide tailor-made end-to-end support to help you develop these growth paths. We work alongside you to build innovative, high-performance services for the public sector, energy suppliers and investors (e-payment, online formalities, smart metering, etc.). We can intervene at all key stages of your projects from strategy definition to change management and rollout of infrastructure and solutions.

    Sofrecom's e-Government, Digital Utilities and MVNO offers transform digital opportunities into new growth.

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  • Consolidation


    The telecoms sector is undergoing far-reaching transformations. Competition continues to intensify with the arrival of new kinds of players. The digital revolution is changing roles and the rules of the game. Many telcos worldwide are transforming, build partnerships… or increasingly seeking consolidation deals.

    Your challenges

    Merging with another player may be a good way of reinforcing your market positioning, moving into new territories and boosting profitability. But how do you select a suitable target company? And what is best way to conduct an efficient, durable consolidation operation?

    Our approach

    To assist your quest for external growth, we propose a range of services covering all stages of the operation. We audit candidate companies to determine their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate their potential. Working closely with merchant banks, we supervise closely the integration phase. And finally we help you restructure the new entity.

    Sofrecom's Consolidation offer brings you all the expertise you need to seize external growth opportunities, to go for convergence and to enhance your customer relationship.

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