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Assure high-quality service for my customers

Provide connectivity enriched to support your customers' new data usages

Leverage digital to become a convergence champion

Customer benefits

- 3-play / 4-play "all-in-one" offers to make life easier for customers; 
- Grouping of all services subscribed by your customers on a single bill giving a consolidated view of fixed, mobile and Internet consumption .

ITN requirements

- A network sufficiently powerful and rapid to support exploding data services and to stimulate their usage: architecture specification, vendor selection and supervision (VMA).

- State-of-the-art IT systems to guarantee seamless transition between different screens. An IS able to manage the convergence of offers and networks, plus optimal security.

Migrate to very high speed broadband (VHSB)

For cope with the data deluge, we assist your network design work and supervise rollout of very high speed fixed (fiber) and mobile (4G, LTE, 5G) networks.

Our offers

  • Network transformation

    Network Transformation

    In today's fast-changing telecoms environment and faced with the explosion of digital usages and technological progress, telecom operators must transform their networks. Accepting the digital revolution is a question of survival. The challenge is to provide enriched connectivity to support new data services and ensure an enchanting customer experience.

    Your challenges

    Convergence of voice, data and video streams generated by wireline and wireless services over the same network infrastructure is a priority to remain competitive. But how can you reconcile technical efficiency with economic performance? What are the best solutions to prepare for the networks of the future?

    Our approach

    Optimizing your network requires qualified supervision of its life cycle. We can help you develop a network transformation strategy to achieve your business ambitions, then provide close support during the design and engineering phases. And finally we support your network deployment and operation. Our 50 years of experience serving more than 200 operators is your guarantee of a network that is available, reliable, secure and open.

    Sofrecom's Mobile Broadband, Fixed Broadband, Backbone and Network, Services and Convergences offers can make you a convergence champion appreciated by your customers.

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  • OSS-BSS solutions

    OSS-BSS Solutions

    Telecom operator activities necessitate agile tools to seduce new customers then satisfy them and make them loyal. To beat the competition they must innovative unceasingly to invent compelling offers that resonate with consumers.

    Your challenges

    Information system performance and agility are capital for building network reliability, improving the customer experience, harmonizing processes and optimizing IT overheads. But how can you fully exploit your information system to develop the customer relationship and thereby grow your business?

    Our approach

    We propose a range of coherent software solutions, integrated and open, that provide optimal management of all your business processes: from network infrastructures to management of offers, delivery of customer orders and billing. Our tools are easy to install and guarantee data reliability. They provide a 360° vision of the usages of customers and prospects, which helps you build an excellent customer relationship on all your markets, notably B2B. Our solutions are evolutive and can be constantly adapted to your needs. They are regularly upgraded with our latest innovations.

    Choose Sofrecom's Sof'Vision to model your network and guarantee outstanding reliability. Choose our proven OSS/BSS solutions Gaia and Sof'CRM to support your commercial development.

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  • Business Fundamentals

    Business Fundamentals

    In recent years the digital revolution has spurred operators to innovate to differentiate their offers and achieve excellent operational performance. As they continue to reinvent themselves, it is vital that they master their business fundamentals and key areas of expertise to drive durable development.

    Your challenges

    Today it is vital to know your market, anticipate needs and develop an effective commercial organization and an efficient go-to-market strategy. But how do you manage these key issues to stay ahead of the competition?

    Our approach

    We assist you in understanding your business fundamentals as an operator and in developing a powerful sales strategy. Upstream we analyze market trends, acquire detailed knowledge of your clientele and outline development plans. We audit your commercial and distribution organization, and then help you define a distribution strategy and launch and optimize your sales network.

    Sofrecom's Marketing Intelligence, Customer Service and Distribution offers will ensure that you meet these strategic challenges.

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  • Information System Transformation

    Information System Transformation

    Evolutions of a telecom operator's information system (IS) are guided by his strategic objectives. By supporting commercial agility, the IS is clearly a lever for creating value. Yet all to often it is excessively complex and rigid and not adapted to the real business needs.

    Your challenges

    Complete and continuous control of evolutions is vital if the IS is to play its role in driving business performance. To underpin your business ambitions (notably the convergence of offers and networks) and synergies between your activities, the IS must be reactive, reliable and customer-centric.

    Our approach

    Our vast experience of IS strategy and transformation will help you structure your IS to match it to your business strategy, improving its performance, evolutivity and cost. Drawing on the best practices of our parent group, Orange, and the many operators we have served, we align your IS with leading IT and telecoms standards (TM Forum, TOGAF, ITiL, CoBIT). We define a master plan comprising an audit, evolution scenarios and a 3-to-5 year transformation plan, and we can evaluate commercially available IT solutions able to meet your business and technological needs. In addition to this groundwork, Sofrecom can provide close supervisory support during deployment of your new IS and the transformation of your IT activities.

    Sofrecom's Master Plan and Transformation PMO guarantee a modern information system with the reliability and performance required for top-quality service and business success.

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