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Drive excelence

Achieve an enchanting customer relationship

A customer-centric strategy to become the provider of choice

Customer relationship excellence as a business driver

Focus your efforts on CRM

Customer experience is impacted by all your activities, so it must be managed from end to end. A powerful differentiation lever, it can develop the value of your networks and your customer base. We help you define an effective, transversal customer experience management (CXM) program, and then we supervise in its operational deployment.

Move ahead with Big Data

We select and analyze the relevant data that can help you know your customers better, then meet and even anticipate their needs (basic requirements, legitimate and latent) and in doing so increase your profitability.

Monetize data

Data usages bring opportunities to increase your revenues at very modest cost. Propose rich, compelling, easy-to use services to boost your subscribers' data consumption. We help you design packaged offers with innovative content and differentiated pricing adapted to customer needs.

Adapt your strategy to B2B specificities

B2B is a high-value market but one that demands excellence. Our approach is based on a differentiated customer relationship, with offers genuinely matched to customers' aspirations in terms of innovation, security, convergence, cloud models and M2M.

Our offers

  • Customer Experience Management (CXM)

    Customer Experience Management (CXM)

    In today's constantly changing digital world abuzz with new technologies, usages are exploding and your customers are changing. They are better informed, more exigent and less inclined to be loyal. The customer's experience becomes a determinant factor in his choice of a provider and his attachment to its products and brand name.

    Your challenges

    As a powerful differentiation lever, customer experience drives your growth and profitability. But do you understand consumer expectations sufficiently well to be able to guarantee a unique, enriched experience? How do you mobilize your entire organization around these key challenges?

    Our approach

    We assist you in creating your CXM program. We take a transversal approach that covers all activities from sales to billing, and of course including customer service and the quality of your network (that we help you to monetize). We analyze gaps between your network metrics and customer perception of quality of service. We simplify customer paths by improving your knowledge of their needs, we help you hold your high-value customers, we match your technical solutions to your organization and processes, and we help you manage change. Our very broad expertise is carefully matched to your needs.

    With our Customer Interactions Management and E2E Customer Experience offers, the voice of the customer will take center stage in your CXM approach.

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  • Broadband data monetization

    Broadband Data Monetization

    Telecom operators must evolve and adapt to extremely competitive markets in which new data usages can be exploited to sustain growth. Despite their heavy investments in new broadband technologies (fiber, 4G/5G, etc.) to give consumers the services they want, new Over-The-Top (OTT) players are poaching their revenues.

    Your challenges

    Data services bring real opportunities for revenue growth, but they raise serious challenges. What is the best positioning and business model in this turbulent market? How can a portfolio of offers be adapted to different segments? Which pricing policy would be most profitable? Which smartphone equipment strategy?

    Our approach

    We propose a three-step approach to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and to guide your strategy. We design with you a target vision then supervise a rapid, efficient operational implementation. Our experts can conduct market studies and analyze data usages, then propose the most pertinent scenarios and help you install solutions best suited to your market.

    With Sofrecom's Broadband Data Monetization offer seize the growth opportunities brought by the explosion of data services and deliver a truly unique customer experience.

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  • B2B: B2B strategy, cloud services, M2M services

    B2B Approach

    New technologies are upsetting business strategies, yet they can be exploited for differentiation purposes and as performance levers. Although B2B needs differ from one segment to another, all B2B customers expect innovation, security, convergence, cloud models, M2M services…

    Your challenges

    B2B telecommunication is set to grow faster than the consumer market (9% growth versus 6% forecast between 2013 and 2018) and represents as much as 30% of global telecoms value. It brings the promise of new revenue streams in an environment often less competitive than the mass market, but operators may have to take an approach based on quality and partnership.
    How should you develop your B2B positioning, adapting your value proposition to the specificities of a varied clientele ranging from very small businesses to multinationals?

    Our approach

    We propose end-to-end support, from the definition of your B2B strategy to its implementation. We draw on our long experience to deliver tailored recommendations on four key B2B challenges: a differentiating marketing strategy, a specific, segmented B2B organization, the necessary technological base and finally the operational excellence necessary to satisfy exigent professional clients.

    Choose Sofrecom's B2B Approach to durably develop your B2B business.

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