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Optimize my overall economic performance

Find the right balance between indispensable network investments and economic performance

Optimize your performance

Reduce costs while maintaining
quality of service

As a telecoms operator, you are constantly seeking ways of rationalizing your massive investments notably in networks. We help you achieve optimal management of processes at all levels to improve your organization, reduce costs and increase profits, but without compromising quality of service.

Save money by sharing
your network infrastructures

Data processing and storage requirements continue to explode. Adapt your technical resources to optimize ITN costs, efficiency and evolutivity.
Working alongside you, we define the best strategy and the best partners. The savings made will enable you to concentrate your efforts on customers.

Assure a high level of ITN security

The latest communication technologies enable you to open your information system to customers, suppliers, partners and more generally all Internauts.
Network security then becomes a crucial challenge. We help you develop secure operation of network elements and systems to preserve customer confidence and underpin your revenues.

Improve IS quality and control costs
by outsourcing ITN activities

Sofrecom helps you industrialize your ITN. The telecoms experts working in our offshore Premium ITN Services Centers guarantee the quality of your services.

Our offers

  • Performance optimization

    Performance optimization

    Operators bear very heavy networks operating costs. Today their "digital transformation" is unavoidable, for it is vital to support new usages and deliver optimal quality of service. The key is to find the right balance between indispensable network investments and durable economic performance.

    Your challenges

    To embrace the digital revolution, you must constantly adapt your networks while controlling costs and lead times.

    This requires efficacious management of business processes and experience in dealing with vendors. How can you install chosen solutions on time without sacrificing quality of service? How do you select the best partners?

    Our approach

    As you implement your network solutions, we defend your operational performance at every key stage, from vendor selection to supervision of integration work and network construction. We employ proven methodologies and tools ideal for coordinating project participants. These provide a clear view of work progress and its conformance with the delivery schedule.

    We assist you in defining and creating the organization, business processes and tools you will need to optimize your performance over the long term - even if you decide to outsource your operations activities.

    Our Process Optimization and Vendor Management services guarantee that your durable network transformations are conducted efficiently.

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  • Infrastructure optimization

    Infrastructure Optimization

    Today's ever-increasing demand for connectivity can be met only by more data processing power and storage space. In parallel, network technologies are evolving and frequency spectra are being extended, obliging operators to optimize their infrastructures, costs and operational performance.

    Your challenges

    To continue delivering top-quality service to customers you need to adapt your infrastructure to business requirements. Making it more flexible and agile is a key challenge to maintain your growth. And solutions do exist: network sharing, Information Technology Networking (ITN) equipment virtualization, datacenter rationalization…

    Our approach

    We help you choose the network sharing business model that best matches your objectives, and we make technical studies of potential site locations. Thanks to our experience of virtualization within Orange Group, we can propose consulting services and experts in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the migration of your networks to all-IP. We can assist you in defining a datacenter strategy and design with you customized installations offering the guarantees that come with proven practices, in addition to optimal costs, efficiency and evolutivity.

    Optimize your network infrastructures and improve your quality of service with Sofrecom's RAN Sharing, ITN Virtualization and Datacenter offers.

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  • Security


    Telecom operators like all other enterprises are increasingly exposed to cybercrime. Malicious attacks take very many forms - fraud, hacking, phishing, denial of service (DDoS), etc. - and affect more than a million people every day worldwide.

    Your challenges

    The financial impact of cybercrime and the consequences in terms of loss of brand image are often disastrous. Erosion of customer trust is very penalizing. The risks have increased with the development of IP technologies and the opening of networks. Long-term business success depends heavily on information system security.

    Our approach

    We intervene on all network and IT security challenges. We work with you to develop best security strategy based on measured impacts. We assess precisely your security maturity level and then implement the chosen solutions. We propose a range of tailored-made services including risk assessment, intrusion tests, regulatory conformance evaluation, activity continuity and re-establishment procedures, security intelligence, and personnel awareness and training.

    Sofrecom's Security offer assures optimal protection to preserve your consumers confidence and your revenues.

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  • Third-Party Application Management (TPAM)

    Third-Party Application Management (TPAM)

    Many enterprises outsource the maintenance of their legacy applications in order to be able to concentrate on their core business. Their information system (IS) corrective maintenance and upgrades are managed by qualified experts.

    Your challenges

    Your information system needs to evolve constantly to meet your strategic priorities and to anticipate and respond to consumer aspirations. But how can you control IS management expenses while guaranteeing high service quality and optimal flexibility? Where do you find the necessary skills without sacrificing control of your applications?

    Our approach

    Our specialist experts in France and our offshore French-speaking Premium ITN Services Centers can guarantee the quality of your services. We employ a cost-effective methodology for transferring your applications to TPAM without operational interruptions. We start by defining a TPAM project that matches your needs, then create the technical and organizational environment. We can share resources and skills between different projects. Our consultants share with you their know-how on complex IT projects.

    Choose Sofrecom's Third-Party Application Management offer to outsource your IT activities and cut your costs.

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