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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016/2017

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016/2017

Slider Satisfaction Clients AnFor the 6th consecutive year, the hard work and commitment of Sofrecom's employees to improve their customers' experience have been reflected in the results of the new 2016/2017 satisfaction survey*.

Sofrecom has made customer experience one of the pillars of its strategy and transformation plan. The "Customer Follow-up" programme followed by all management teams and Sofrecom branches today bears its fruit:

In 2017, Sofrecom was considered by its customers to have an excellent image, which continues to improve (+25 points since 2011, and +5 points in one year).

Sofrecom customers put this image down to the following qualities:

  • Telecom expertise,
  • Efficiency and reliability of staff,
  • Responsiveness and its close relationship to customers.

This year, surveyed customers also noted a strong increase in Sofrecom's expertise in terms of strategic vision and initiative, as well as in its experts’ and consultants’ abilities to share and learn from feedback.

The excellence of the relationship with Sofrecom has progressed in 2017 by 11 points on all indicators, with a strong improvement in the quality of sales relations (+7 points) and the BU Business Consulting's quality of services (+10 points).

  • 84% of customers consider their relationship with Sofrecom as excellent
  • 98% of customers consider that Sofrecom has brought them the added value expected (+12 points since 2011)
  • 85% of customers consider the demeanor of Sofrecom employees as excellent (+24 points since 2011)
  • 84% of customers consider the quality of service to be excellent
  • 74% of customers are very satisfied with the commitment made (compared to 31% in 2011).

Sofrecom is now on a level playing field with the competition and the surveyed customers have highlighted their desire to extend their relationship with the company through new projects.

These excellent results are testimony to the relevance of Sofrecom’s strategic approach, particularly regarding the changes made to its value offer, the development of key areas of expertise and the strengthening of their visibility for both customers and prospects.

Customers also highlighted their anticipation for new innovations from Sofrecom: in late 2016, Sofrecom launched an innovation committee tasked with strengthening their approach and bringing together their initiatives with a focus on solutions.


"I would recommend Sofrecom for its digital expertise. Compared to their competitors, they have more thorough, more concrete knowledge. They also have an interesting multi-country cross-over and Benchmarking. And their close ties to Orange provide access to the expertise of the Group, which is a major advantage.” Online Boutique Department Manager and Web Agency - Orange France / DRCGP / DDRC

"Their flexibility and responsiveness are undeniable qualities I really appreciate. I would also add to that the reliability of their services [drafting calls for tender] and the management." Director of Anticipation and Customer Experience - Orange / OF / DSCD

Added value: what customers are saying
"They brought in good methodology and practical recommendations. It was sort of like a compilation of all the recommendations required." Chief Strategy Officer - Silknet

"100% achieved! A real success thanks to a collective team and the commitment of each of its players who did an exemplary job." Transformation Projects Support - Orange / OF / DSI

Regarding the competition
"Honestly, I don't think anyone could compete against Sofrecom. I haven't met any other company capable of providing the services we received. For us, Sofrecom is unique." Product Manager - 03B Networks

"The knowledge of our company, the understanding of our work methods. For a similar task, another company would take two months longer to understand our needs, our software, our IT system, etc." Company Development Project Unit – Silknet

*Survey carried out by ABC Marketing from November 2016 to February 2017.