The Sofrecom group is renewing its identity

Fri 28 Sep 2012

Our brand identity is evolving to express, in a simpler and clearer manner, what we are today, our know-how and our areas of expertise.
This new identity reflects the strong dynamic that unites the men and women at Sofrecom in their support for our customers with a commitment to quality based on 45 years' experience.

It is materialised by a new logo and a new signature. The logo represents the diversity and global interconnections of our network. The colours represent our diversity. Our signature, The Know How Network, means we are a network of operational experts.

First and foremost, Sofrecom is a human network, a powerful know-how network connecting the teams with each other and with the Orange Group experts, its industrial partners, local partners and customers.

Sofrecom is an international company where the approach is that of a partner firmly established in the ecosystem of its customers. Our primary mission is to accompany our customers in the success of their projects and in their transformation. Over 200 operators, governments and international investors have chosen us.

Sofrecom is the subsidiary of the France Telecom-Orange Group, the 8th largest Telco player in the world. This historic link has enabled us, throughout our existence, to have privileged access to the skills, expertise and innovation of the Group, to help our customers stay at the forefront of proven solutions that have shown their worth.

Sofrecom is a company rich in its diversity, with more than 1,400 consultants and experts present on over 11 sites worldwide and representing more than 30 different nationalities.

This new site, displaying the colours of our new identity, is your site. Enjoy your browsing!

Sofrecom, The Know-How Network.

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