TDM chooses Sofrecom and its BCC solution

Wed 19 Sep 2012

Faced with a booming telecommunications market, TDM wants to offer its subscribers new and diversified fixed and Internet convergent offers. The BCC solution from Sofrecom will enable the operator to increase both revenues and productivity, better satisfy its 70,000 customers and prepare for the future by rolling out a solution capable of handling the continuing high growth in the numbers of its digital subscribers.

This contract follows on from a restricted consultation begun early in 2010 by TDM. Before finalising its choice at the end of 2010, TDM undertook an extensive assessment of the solution proposed by Sofrecom during a mission in Paris, followed by a visit to the Indonesian operator PT Telkom where this new version is being used.

Sofrecom’s mission involves decommissioning the existing BCC software and installing the new version in the TDM information system. This technological transformation will be accompanied by an escalation in the skills of the TDM operational teams in the day-to-day use of this new software.

A Sofrecom customer of over 20 years standing, TDM and the Sofrecom teams are collaborating daily on the extension of the TDM network and the maintenance of its billing management system.

After I-Siska for the Indonesian operator PT Telkom, this project provides Sofrecom with a new international reference for BCC. TDM will henceforth have a high performance management system enabling it to develop the quality of its offers and services, increase the satisfaction level of its customers and enhance its own brand image.