Sonatel, Senegal – launch of IPTV services

Wed 19 Sep 2012

This offer included a bouquet of African TV channels created by Sonatel, the Canal Horizon bouquet and a Video on Demand (VoD) service. This offer is, as a first step, dedicated to the subscribers to Sentoo broadband service, the Sonatel multimedia brand.

In partnership with the France Telecom content division, Sofrecom actively took part in this launch, by carrying out the audit and by providing consulting services. These services have been completed by launch assistance missions, such as: lines eligibility, TV audience rating, line-up of the Sonatel multimedia leading team, content catalogue enrichment support.

These services strengthen the Sofrecom multi-media know-how in the IPTV field. This high level expert team, who has already contributed to launching MaligneTV in France (France Telecom’s offer), is in charge of all strategic, commercial and technical aspects of IPTV launching for operators.