Sofrecom provides training for executives and directors of Ethio Telecom at Orange Campus

Wed 19 Sep 2012

On March 24, 2010, the Ethiopian government signed a management contract with France Telecom to undertake the transformation of telecommunications services in Ethiopia and gradually bring the Ethiopian operator into line with the sector’s international standards.

Since December 2011, Sofrecom and a team of high-level experts (directors, managers and experts) have ensured the management of the new Ethio Telecom operator in its key functions: CEO, COO, IT & Networks, Sales & Marketing, Customer Services and PMO.

With this goal, Sofrecom has set up a large scale transformation plan combined with a training program for Ethio Telecom executives and directors. The training program was prepared with the help of an audit as well as a precise and thorough assessment of skills of the operator's executives and directors. It has enabled customized support to be provided to the operator.

The first session in this training program was held from September 26 to 30 at Orange Campus (Montrouge - France), with the first group of 16 Ethio Telecom leaders, on the following three key areas: leadership and management; finance; and communication. To enrich the theoretical knowledge with practical skills, the training base was supplemented by "field" visits of different entities in the Orange Group (Sourcing, Network, Sales/Points of Sale, Legal and security, Internal audit, HR, etc.).

A further eighteen directors of the Ethiopian operator have been trained on the basis of the same service model from December 12 to 16.

At the same time as these sessions, intended for top managers, Sofrecom will train 220 Ethiopian executive managers on how to manage change, from the end October 2011 to end January 2012, with support from Orange Campus,.

More than 500 Ethio Telecom colleagues and directors will, in the long term, be trained by senior Orange experts.

Sofrecom offers very high quality training for operators' directors and executives to help them manage change, by ensuring a made-to-measure transfer of know-how.

Going beyond its experts' technical skills, Sofrecom provides its customers with human values and attentiveness to their needs.