Sofrecom has won the IPTV maintenance and support contract for Andorra Telecom

Wed 19 Sep 2012

The first Sofrecom intervention with the Andorran operator was about the audit of the existing IPTV installation following the signing in November 2009 of the maintenance and support contract in which Sofrecom undertakes to complete:

- quality of support service and maintenance

- suppliers management and IPTV solution guarantee

To this 3 years contract, additional services will be added on a case by case such as: additional channels, information on the stock market and weather pistes, documentaries, support on the media right management, customized offers, video conferences, telemedicine, online games, VoD including the catch up TV, PVR service deployment...

For the Andorran operator, the presence of Sofrecom will ensure business continuity of its IPTV service, prepare the future by improving service quality, increase their ARPU, gain loyalty and acquire new subscribers thanks to value added services. The objective for Andorra Telecom, which currently has thousands of subscribers, is to reach 30,000 subscribers in 2015 by taking advantage of Sofrecom experience in implementation, operation and development of IPTV solution. Note that before the end of May 2010 the optical fiber (FTTH) will have a universal service in Andorra.

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