Sofrecom Argentina earns CMMI Level 5 certification

Wed 19 Sep 2012

CMMI provides an international evaluation baseline that includes a comprehensive set of good practices that help to understand, assess and improve IT engineering service providers' activities. It was designed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University and software industry representatives.

CMMI defines five levels of maturity. To reach level 5, the highest of the CMMI model, an organization must implement a coherent set of fundamental development and maintenance processes, and also ensure continuous process and technological optimization based on statistical analyses of cost/benefit ratios.

The certification process takes time: often more than three years to pass from level 1 to level 3. Sofrecom Argentina went directly for level 3 in late 2008 then three years later, in 2011, it passed the SCAMPI evaluation and obtained CMMID-DEV V1.3 Level 5 certification. Only two other Argentinean companies have reached this level, and there are only about 200 CMMI5-certified companies worldwide.

In addition to the internal benefits of this process improvement system – cost control, shorter lead times, improved productivity, etc. – the CMMI5 label is highly visible proof the quality of service of Sofrecom Argentina and, more generally, of Sofrecom Group.

A well-deserved success for Sofrecom Argentina which has become a leading IT service provider on its market and which will be celebrating its 20th birthday on 12th April.

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