Sofrecom accompanies the Ethiopian operator transformation

Wed 19 Sep 2012

On March 24th 2010, the Ethiopian Government signed with France Telecom a 2-years management contract. France Telecom, trough its subsidiary Sofrecom, will bring its experience and its know-how, in the respect for the cultures and values, in order to:

- improve the quality and performance of the telecommunications services

- develop infrastructures and Next Generation Network

- launch new products and services for public markets and companies

- conveive and implement iorganisation business processes

- develop universal access

- develop management skills with a transfer of know-how

This contract of management, completely performed by Sofrecom, subsidiary of France Telecom, mobilizes a highly qualified and experienced team of more than 20 leaders, managers and experts, who manage the new operator on the key functions since the 14th of June 2011: CEO, COO, IT & Networks, Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, PMO.

This contract is a big success for the Group, because it strategically positions France Telecom within the evolution of the Ethiopian telecommunications services. Indeed, with more than 85 million inhabitants, Ethiopia, the second most populous country in Africa after Nigeria, presents a potential development among the most important of the African continent.

It is also the result of a long-term partnership between Ethiopia and France and ETC and Sofrecom in particular, engaged in 2006 with the realization of its GSM network expansion plan, which had mobilized more than fifteen expert consultants. After Libya and Yemen, this new project clearly demonstrates the Sofrecom’s ability to supply with high-level consulting services and transfer of valued know-how to its clients.