SISKA+: retain and expand the subscriber base

Wed 19 Sep 2012

Due to the boom in the telecoms market and the resulting emergence of new challengers in Internet and multiplay access, PT Telkom, the incumbent Indonesian operator, undertook a major project in 2009 to renovate its global information system INFUSION-PL - INdonesia Flexible and Unified buSIness Solution – Personal Lines.

The integration into the operator's IS of the latest version of BCC (Billing & Customer Care), developed by Sofrecom, will enable PT Telkom to retain and expand its subscriber base by offering customers new products and services such as IPTV, ADSL and multiplay.

Sofrecom's task consists of implementing its latest BCC solution within an innovative architecture so as to give the operator a comprehensive overview of its entire base of customers (more than 9 million). The main challenges faced by Sofrecom include the migration of 29 decentralised BCC solutions and the transfer of know-how to PT Telkom's teams.

This project, called "SISKA+", was preceded by a proof-of-concept phase that validated the choice of Sofrecom's solution. Deployment began in the Bandung region and will be gradually expanding to the regions of Java, Sumatra and Borneo.

Our local presence for a number of years, combined with PT Telkom's renewed trust, reflects Sofrecom's commitment to improve the operating and financial results of telecommunications operators that run its solutions.

This success consolidates Sofrecom's position as a major global player in the field of consulting for fast-growing operators. As such, it demonstrates its ability to manage very complex high-value-added projects and to forge privileged relationships with operators in the Asia-Pacific region, notably with the support of its subsidiaries in Indonesia and Vietnam.

March 2010