Network Project Manager


The task of network project managers is to support and advise our clients in their projects aimed at transforming their telecommunications networks:
From the strategic study to the definition of the technical solution, they help them develop, design and deploy their projects. They must ensure that deadlines and costs are met while providing the quality of service expected by users.

At Sofrecom, network project managers participate in the implementation of large-scale projects for the introduction of new technologies and services. They are responsible for its management. They are the main point of contact for the customer. They are responsible for co-ordinating all those involved in a project.

Expertise and skills

They are experts in fixed, mobile or IoT telecommunications networks.
They have proven expertise in methodologies used to manage and steer major projects.

Their ability to summarize combined with their analytical capacity means they are able to both define the customer's requirements and deliver them.

To ensure the success of their mission from project launch to implementation in the organization, they must have good interpersonal skills. They must be able to speak and write English.


With an engineering background, network project managers are experienced in network or IS oriented project management. They are proficient in deployment techniques and the management and co-ordination of cross-functional teams.

They are capable of working in multicultural environments. They are willing to undertake business trips abroad.