Our 50 years !

Sofrecom, 50 years of innovation and transformation

Our story, and your story too!
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Our 50th anniversary!

50 years serving innovation and the transformation of more than 200 customers worldwide, including operators, governments and regulators.

50 years of human adventure involving a multitude of strategic and innovative projects requiring specialized expertise. We draw on this broad field experience to offer our customers the benefits of Orange innovation and know-how.

Over 50 years we have been privileged to play a role in the transformations that have shaped today's ICT landscape.

Our history is indissociable from the metamorphosis of the telecoms industry that we have lived through with our customers. Working with Orange, we have supported telecoms development and the explosion of mobile and Internet usages. And today "digital" is an integral part of our daily life.

Our knowledge allows us to decipher the ongoing changes which are ever more rapid and the digital disruptions to come. The technologies emerging today will probably spur greater changes in usages over the next few years than we have seen over our entire 50 years of existence!

50 years of experience has given us an unrivaled ability to anticipate and comprehend the mutations of our sector, and to help our customers adapt to them and exploit the benefits to drive their development.

Digital has profoundly modified relationships between organizations and people, making them richer and opening up many new and exciting possibilities. Today digital is THE major challenge facing our societies, in view of its potential for driving economic growth and societal transformation.

We shall continue to address this challenge enthusiastically for you and with you.

Your future, and our future too!

Jacques Moulin,
CEO Sofrecom
50 years of experience serving operators
Stephane richard

Stéphane Richard

CEO of Orange

« For 50 years, Sofrecom has been an irreplaceable player in the international promotion of Orange (formerly France Télécom). It plays a path-finder role for the Group. For Orange, it is also a formidable skills laboratory in terms of new professions and technologies. Finally, thanks to its specificity in its consulting and engineering activities, Sofrecom complements our activities as an operator, promoting Orange's values, identity and experience around the world. It is a subsidiary which plays a key role in the Group's projects and cultures and I am convinced that Orange would not be Orange without Sofrecom. I want to express my deep gratitude to its teams for the quality of customer experience that it provides and the added value of their services. »

Bruno mettling

Bruno Mettling

Deputy General Manager and Human Resources Director, Orange Group

« Sofrecom’s strength lies in its broad expertise, of course, but also in its commitment to certain values. Everywhere it operates, it has taken positive action to set the highest ethical standards, to promote professional diversity, nondiscrimination and equality. With 1,300 male and female employees of 34 different nationalities, Sofrecom clearly upholds cultural diversity. It is hardly surprising that the company is the first one in our Group to earn the AFNOR’s Diversity Label. »

Marc rennard

Marc Rennard

Executive Director and CEO, Orange Middle East and Africa, President of the Sofrecom Board

« Sofrecom has developed strong vertical offers in response to the needs of telecommunications operators and governments and it now boasts outstanding know-how in Customer Experience Management, B2B, Mobile Financial Services, Security, E-Government and many other specialist fields. Its integrated expertise applied from strategy definition to business, networks and IT implementation helps telecoms players successfully make the digital transformation that will drive their growth. Around the world, Sofrecom supports regulators, governments and operators, in particular Orange Group for whom it plays an absolutely vital role in our development in Africa and the Middle East. 97% of Sofrecom’s clients recognize the added value of its services. »

Mari noelle jego laveissiere

Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière

Executive Director, Orange Innovation, Marketing and Technologies

« Sofrecom analyzes the strategies of players across our entire footprint. This vital market intelligence enables us to anticipate disruptive evolutions in our markets and guides our innovation choices in areas such as 4G/LTE, broadband growth and data monetization. Sofrecom also provides invaluable support as we move into new activities such as smart metering in Africa, financial modeling of rural electrification and remote meter reading. »

Sofrecom celebrates its 50th anniversary


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