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Our story

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In 2016, Sofrecom celebrated its 50th anniversary. Fifty years supporting innovation and the transformation of more than 200 clients in the telecommunications sector, notably operators, governments and regulators in a wide variety of environments.
In this industry that has to cope with uninterrupted technical, technological, economic and societal evolutions, we owe our exceptional longevity to our customers.
Once again last year, our customer satisfaction rating further improved (96% of you acknowledge the added value we deliver), reflecting the commitment and reactivity of our 1,400 consultants and experts.
I wish to thank you all for this testimonial that affirms your confidence and loyalty, which are vital in the digital world we are building together.

Looking ahead, it is clear that everything that can be digitized will be. Within the next five years we are expecting more disruptive technologies and innovations than in over last five decades!

Digitization incontestably drives growth, innovation and progress, contributing to economic, social and cultural development in all countries. It obliges businesses and governments and society in general to transform, to rethink and rebuild new ways of working and cooperating and to adapt business models to tomorrow's societal norms.
Thanks to Orange Group's unrivalled innovations and our broad experience acquired with customers, Sofrecom has become a vanguard in operator development and diversification and a benchmark partner for public players building e-government solutions.

Over and above our proven "telco" expertise, today we play a key role in inventing digital strategies. In particular, we take a radical approach to co-constructing new organizational models and developing human capital. Indeed, digital success also depends on "change management" and "capacity building" initiatives that enable organizations to conquer new territories and invent new, differentiating ways of enhancing the customer experience.

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