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Our certifications

Sofrecom is committed to continuous improvement founded on attention to customer needs and the desire to support their projects effectively.

This determination to offer a high-quality service as close as possible to what is needed leads us to be regularly audited and certified by major international organizations.
These certifications affirm our commitment and methods.

Afaq 9001 G ISO 9001 version 2008 standard - AFAQ
ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee that your satisfaction is our prime preoccupation. We work constantly to optimize our processes to make them more efficient and agile in response to your needs
03 Certification System Sgs Ethic Intelligence International since 2012
Our ethics certification reflects our commitment to the prevention of corruption and it certifies the conformity of all Sofrecom’s practices and activities to international ethics standards.
In view of our desire to align with the ethics rules promoted by the OECD and to combat corruption, and taking into account the nature of our business environment, we have made business ethics a priority.
The principals of the Group's Professional Ethics Charter are summarized in our Ethical Practices Guide which informs staff and helps them act with integrity in their dealings with customers, shareholders, suppliers and partners.

Our entire team is resolutely mobilized to offer an exemplary customer experience at all times.

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